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  • Digging a trench for the water source
    Jaycob and Joseph digging a trench for the water line
  • Connecting the water source
    Esteban working with Ms. Misha to connect the water line
  • Connecting the planter box
  • Refilling up the trench
  • Added the soil to the planter box
  • Setting up the planter box
  • Job Corp
    Job Corp
    On Monday January 14, 2019 our students at Campo High went on a field trip to San Diego Job Corp in Imperial Beach. The students enjoyed the visit of the campus and learning what Job Corp can offer for them.
  • Student Achievement
    Student Achievement
    Each grading period Alternative Education chooses 1 student who has excelled in the classroom by completing a minimum number of credits set by Ms. Westgaard, Principal, and by having a great attitude and attendance.
    -First grading period was Cesar Salavaria, Cottonwood
    -Second grading period was Juan Aldrete, Hillside IS
    -Third grading period is Christian Burke, Campo High
    -Fourth grading period is Samuel Miranda Cuevas, Campo High.
  • Team Building at Alt Ed
    Twice a month Julie from Mountain Health comes to Alt Ed and gives both group and individual life lessons. Such lessons have included : drug bingo, steps on how to not leave out details, and most recently team building. The pictures in this slideshow are from January 22 when the students were put into groups and given balloons and tape. They had to build a balloon tower HOWEVER the rules were changed throughout the activity.